” CAPTAIN MEDIOCRE” Vers (starring Brie Larson) is an amnesiac Kree empire’s member of an elite troop called Starforce, who generally prevent a threat to the planets from shapeshifting terrorist species, Skrulls, across the galaxy. Guided by Starforce commander, Yon-Rogg(starring Jude Law), she trains to control her unknown cosmic powers emitting from her arms along […]


Bumblebee(2019): Movie Review

“Transformers, more humane than you think” War rages on Cybertron. Optimus(voiced by Peter Cullen) need to rally Autobots out of fallen Cybertron to take refuge on a distant organic life habituated planet, Earth. B-127, an Autobot soldier, is tasked to reach the destined planet and secure the place from the eyes of evil Decepticons before […]

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Aquaman(2018): Movie Review

“Riding on a seahorse has never looked this badass and epic” As a product of love between an Atlantean queen(starring, Nicole Kidman) and a surface dweller(starring, Temuera Morrison), Arthur Curry(starring, Jason Momoa), is being persuaded by Xebel princess, Mera(starring, Amber Heard), to become the next King of Atlantis, by dethroning, his half-brother, King Orm(starring, Patrick […]

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VENOM(2018): Movie Impressions

“Spidey, R-rating, Good Plot. So much potential. So little used.” Venom follows the plot of a successful news reporter, Eddie Brock(starring, Academy Award nominee, Tom Hardy) who is assigned to interview Carlton Drake( Elon Musk-ish, starring, Riz Ahmed), a top executive at Life Foundation, a space exploration and research center. Eddie finds the conspiracy behind […]

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Death of Superman Review

Man of Steel’s tale of humanity: The animated take on famous comic book saga is not just about Superman going against Doomsday, but a tale that explores his human side, his love life, his family and his eventual sacrifice for the fate of humanity. The movie begins by introducing the might of Superman by taking […]

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